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Friday, 28 June 2013

Tourist Places in Andaman

It has become the common interest and idea for planning vacation getaway in some far off islands because islands enjoy pure environment, serene atmosphere, and picturesque landscape where peace and tranquility ranges, thus islands are a haven for relaxation. more Tourist Places in Andaman, Vist: http://www.andamantourpackages.com/tourist-places.html

The breathtaking archipelago of Andaman and Nicobar are the perfect tropical paradise for those who are keeping a dream to date with nature. Spread over an area of about specific land masses of 800km in the Bay of Bengal with less than 300,000 inhabitants is a country with 572 islands set in the far off remote region of the south East Asia. Well decorated with dense forest and white sandy beaches of crystal clear water, tourist places in Andaman has great tourist attraction and is the perfect place to go scuba diving, hiking and camping holiday enjoyment.

Corbyn’s Cove and Andaman water sports complex in Port Blair, Viper Island, Neil Island, Little Andaman, Havelock, and Rangat are some of the outstanding Andaman tourist places hit by hordes of tourist every year. For example Port Blair is city and the main tourist hub which possess the most number of tourist attraction sites which includes Samudrika marine museum, Corbyn’s Cove, water sports complex, cellular Jail, Mahatma Gandhi national park also known as Wandoor, another Gandhi Park, Mount Harriet, Collinpur, Chidiya Tapu, Coral Island, Saqarika Government emporium, Jolly Buoy Island, Anthropological museum, marina Park and Aquarium and other small attraction sites for children’s entertainment like Mini zoo are all popular tourist frequented sites found in Port Blair and so you should not miss out this site.

Other worth visiting places like Havelock and Neil islands are also some of the popular tourist area where holiday makers rush for beach activity and nightlife enjoyment purpose, these islands also holds ample of water sports and other facilities for tourist. For scuba diving Neil Island is dedicated for it where you can explore amazing coral reefs by diving under the water and Havelock quite reserve for snorkeling and other adventure activities.

For tours get to places like Little Andaman, it is one of the biggest islands among other islands found in Lakshadweep and here the enthusiastic tourists can pay a visit to the plantation factory of palm oil extraction sites. Here the island is well renowned for plantation of Red Oil Palm, there are also some privacy reserved beaches found here and there and so the place is also attracted by most of the honeymoon couples and romantic lovers. They flock here to enjoy peace tranquility and serenity to celebrate their love and share romantic talks here.

Thus for all these attraction sites and possible environment, Lakshadweep though a remote island is well known worldwide and hunted by many tourist nowadays.